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About RaveOn


The RaveOn mobile app and the website provide a new forum that allows fans, bloggers, radio and TV hosts, podcasters, and athletes to talk about Great Plays, Bad Sports Calls, and everything else that stirs your passion for sports. The app also allows users to comment on plays, athletes and, refs inside the live game feed.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly stats and fan polls are posted listing the worst calls of the week. We also have AI capabilities to highlight the probability of whether a particular call influenced the game outcome.

In our first year, we are launching with live NCAA Men's Basketball and we will follow all Division I teams through the final playoff game in April.

Later in 2020, we added the NBA and NFL. And in 2021 we have our sights on eSports.

In the nexus between sports and entertainment, fans and influencers, passion and team pride, users can follow favorite teams, news media, bloggers, sports talk show hosts, podcasters. and other fans.

Website and app owners can display the call stats and fan polls on their own websites and mobile apps with a simple embed code. Our suite of strategic solutions helps capture the passion fans feel about calls that affect their teams. This sticky content can increase fan engagement, provide great talking points for growing their businesses.

Our goal is to redefine the sports fan experience to help brand RaveOn stats, surveys, polls, and analytics and generate new content and traffic for our partners.

Enjoy the app and please comment responsibly.


The RaveOn Team


Available on iOS, Android, and the web.