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The Rave On App

Fan-driven sports are here!

Welcome to the best sports app made for fans by fans! NEVER search for sports content again! Pick your teams, and we send the sports content to you! Follow, Vote and Chat…it’s that simple! Follow your NFL, NCAAM basketball, and NCAA football teams and never miss the action again. YOU call the highlights! VOTE on each play in our LIVE Play-by-Play, Loved it? Vote it up, Bad Call? Vote it down. Want to get a conversation going? Comment on it and start the thread! Our Sideline Chats are GAME-SPECIFIC chat rooms so that you can chat live with other passionate fans during the game. Talk all things fantasy and sportsbooks. Crave more content after the game? Then maybe our HOSTS will be able to scratch your itch! If not, come back for the next game and see what the next one has to offer! Follow each other and build up your crew, because sports are better with friends. Whatever you want to Rave about, we’ve got a place to do it!



Fandom on fire!

Follow, Vote, and Chat it’s that simple. Find Your Teams! *Whether it’s NFL, NCAAM [basketball], or NCAA [football] (NBA and soccer coming soon!). We’ve got you covered. Never miss your team’s matchup again! Simply follow them in your profile, and you’ll be notified before the action starts! Keep connected from your HOME page. Quickly see the scores and what teams you’re following, plus see what play’s your friends are talking about!Lineups and Stats? (kind of old-school) but yeah, we got ’em for ya!Team getting blown out? Don’t scream alone.Make your voice heard! Loved that catch or dunk? VOTE it up! Hated that foul call? VOTE it down! The fans decide what the best and worst plays of the game are! The top plays and calls for the week or month can be found in the trending tab. Sports are better together (at least that’s what we think!) Can’t go to the game? Are you the only fan in your watch group? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Follow and Rave with other fans in the Sideline Chat and create your own crew. You can stay up to date as they comment on the plays they care about too!GET SPECIFIC! Talk about that ONE play that made the difference OR break down the whole game! Whatever you want to talk about, we’ve got a place for you!Stats and Lineups? Sure, we’ve got that too. Check and make sure your fantasy players are ready to go before each game!Missed a part of the game? Not a problem, our analytics keep track of the fans’ votes and let you know the best and worst of the action around the league! Covering NFL, NCAAM, and NCAA football. (NBA is on the way!)