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One team. One dream. One mission.

We believe fans should be the drivers of sports content and we are on a mission to create the best sports app for fans!

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Rick Baker

Rick Baker is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur with a diverse balance of business and creative projects. His primary business focus is cross-leveraging various AI and machine learning tools to elevate online and real-world products. He has written patents for his ventures and others (from coffee to vertical gardening and time-released fertilization to advanced surgical procedures), with over twenty filed in the last fifteen years. His most recent approved patent — Determining Relative Position with a BLE Beacon, which revolutionizes how Bluetooth functions — was sold to Apple months after its publication. Like many of us, he maintains a secret other life which includes producing a new EP for iTunes (August 2022 release), painting, and feature films.

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James Clark

James has been involved in sports for many years. After peaking as a walk-on Division I swimmer at the University of Kentucky, he focused on athletic strength, conditioning, and coaching, later coming back to Kentucky to get his Masters's Degree in Sports Leadership, Operations, and Management. He joined the RaveOn team while finishing his degree and guides software development to the key areas sports fans and teams want and need the most.  While he’s not working or watching sports (which isn’t very often), you can find him spending time with his German Shepherd Colt, near or on some body of water (pool or a lake), on a golf course struggling to make par or paint-balling on an occasional weekend; It’s a good bet he’ll be wearing his alma-maters logo.



Brittany Harris

Brittany Harris is the Chief Marketing Officer responsible for marketing programs, brand management, sportsfluencer relationships, and sales sponsorships. Her super strengths are creativity, passion, and drive. Before this venture, she worked for several marketing companies leading teams to drive organic growth for multiple brands. She's integral to designing and developing new features in the Rave On App. As a woman of small stature, she could never realize her WNBA dreams. You can find her in the Rave On Sideline chat, trash-talking anyone who goes against her beloved Wildcats. She's passionate about her husband, five kids, and 4 fur babies. When she's not working, you can find her drinking iced coffee and listen to a podcast.


Sports connect all of us. It crosses barriers of age, race, and sex. When you're cheering for the same team you're all friends. 


We are making the bond between teams, players and fans even stronger by providing a unique mobile engagement experience.


Fans are the lifeblood of every sport whether they are in the stadiums cheering on their favorite team or from their couch at home. We believe fans should be the main drivers of sports content because without them, it would just be a game.